3D Artist Portfolio

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The 3D / CGI (Computer Generated Image) portfolio is dedicated to the 3D designs and animations that I have produced as a freelance 3D artist / animator for television, promotional materials, online video/animations, book covers, album covers, company logos and the like.  To create the CGI animations I use dedicated 3D animation software such as Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Maxon Bodypaint ,Nextlimit Real Flow,TheFoundry NukeX,Adobe After Effect,Autodesk MatchMover,Pixologi Zbrush,Ableton Live,Apple Logic,Native Instrument Rektor,Massive,MaxMsp,Apple Final Cut Pro,Apple Quartz Composer,Apple Compressor,e-on Software VUE steam,Vicon Boujou 5,The Foundry Cameratracker.



Work for Bacardi Tracking video clip In Camera tracking  Bacardi  Photoshop compositing in AfterEffect

Video teaser compaining for the Festival Magnetic particle system done in Apple Quartz Composer rendered comverted to matts in Aftereffect 

liquid generated in RealFlow composited in AfterEffect audio sound and effects by adisquo 

ChmaraWinter Music Video Clip

Video Effects In AfterEffect cameratracking in NukeX 3D model and rendering done C4D Video Glitch script from Quartzcomposer composited in AfterEffect audio sound by ChmaraWinter



0 to 0:25 Ford Comercial Photoshop and compsiting in AfterEffect

0:25 to 0:40 Soda Club Photoshop animation compositing AfterEffect

0:40 to 1:00 LOD Cloub C4d for model&animation ,Real Flow for liquid and ice Photoshop for texturing AfterEffect compositing and color correction

1:00 to 1:20 ORANGE CLUB Maxon C4D for orange model shaders and rendering RealFlow Liquid AfterEfeect for comp and color correction

1:20 to 1:28 Stage Bar Motion Graphic done in AfterEffect

1:28 to 1:30 BRAIN CLUB  3D model in C4D and Fill object with water in RealFlow compositing in AfterEffect

1:49 to 1:55 Machine Flow instruction C4D model shader animation and render to final stage

1:55 to 2:27 Bacardi C4D and Maya for 3d models and renderis After Effect compositing and visual effects 

2:27 to 2:38 Bacardi Matrix  Vicon Boujou and Cameratracking tracking video image for replacing buletis in to the Bacardi bottles compsiting in AfterEffect and extra Fx

2:38 to  3:05 C4D mechanical rigging inside the viewport

3:05 to  3:16 GreenBox keying AfterEffect Cameratracker tracking and matt painting Photoshop compositing in AfterEffect

3:16 to 3:30 Fluids RealFlow

3:30 to 3:41 Logo C4d Render compositing in AfterEffect

3:41 C4D Mirror Render with reflections